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Welcome to Teen Spirit

Welcome to Teen Spirit – Adolescent Psychotherapy, Consultancy, and Training Services.

A Neurodiversity-affirming place for teens to grow, learn, and find support! We’re here to help teens aged 12 and up through counselling and therapy. We also offer support for parents and professionals with one-on-one sessions, workshops, and courses.

Our goal is to create a safe and caring space for everyone who walks through our doors. We admire the courage it takes to share your story and we’re grateful to be a part of your journey toward healing and self-discovery.

At Teen Spirit, we’re passionate about sharing knowledge and supporting growth. Our hope is that you find comfort and inspiration here as you navigate your own path.

Darina Stoilova
Adolescent Psychotherapist

Teen Spirit - Adolescent Psychotherapy, Consultancy & Training

“Never assume a person who has difficulty communicating has nothing to say”

— Stacy Sekinger

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It has been an absolute pleasure working with and getting to know Darina. Her approach and outlook are refreshing, bringing a unique perspective to our collaborative efforts. The feedback we’ve received from clients we have sent her way has been extremely positive. Darina’s dedication to understanding the Autistic experience and her commitment to making positive changes for our community through her work is truly commendable. She is not just a professional but a compassionate advocate, making her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking support within the neurodiversity sphere.”

Evaleen Whelton



I just can’t speak highly enough about Darina.  Her warmth and her easy approach made me comfortable from the moment I met her.  Her knowledge and understanding of young people and neurodiversity is immense and with her help I realised there is nothing to fear in the word “autism”.   She has a huge enthusiasm for her subject and her professionalism is evident.  She is so easy to talk to!  I would have no hesitation in recommending Darina.  Our family has gained so much from her.  Thank you, Darina, our future is bright!

Fionnuala G



Linking in with Darina has been extremely valuable for our clinical teams learning and development. Darina delivers training grounded in the most recent research and drawn directly from her wealth of experience working therapeutically with neurodivergent teens. Darina offers insights and skills that will aid clinical work with the teen but perhaps more importantly the family system as a whole. This is essential knowledge when working therapeutically with diagnoses like autism and ADHD in adolescents

Wayne Hamilton

RISE Counselling & Psychotherapy


My recovery and personal growth have been greatly influenced by Darina. As a result of her kindness, patience, flexibility, and compassion, I have a safe environment to discover who I am after my trauma, especially when coming to terms with and accepting my neurodiversity (and all the things that come with it) as part of who I am and not something I need to change.

The sessions I have had with Darina have been invaluable to me, and if you’re going through a tough time, or need a safe space to talk and feel your feelings, I can’t recommend a better, more professional and affirming person than her.




Darina was recommended to us at a time when my teenage son was feeling extremely anxious & very vulnerable. She took the time to listen, to gently inquire, to explain his feelings to him & provide strategies to help him when he started to feel overwhelmed. Darina understood his personality & presented his traits to him as strengths rather than weaknesses, or something to be feared. 

Darina was hugely supportive, available when we most needed & provided tools, not just for J, but also for his family & home environment. I would highly recommend Darina.


A Parent


Our Daughter received counselling from Darina in person for a period of 10 weeks. She has check in sessions from time to time now online for a little top up. Darina has given our daughter so many tools to navigate through what is such a tricky stage for teenagers to not just cope with but to thrive. Of all the gifts we have given her this has been the one to make a massive difference in her happiness and contentment. It helps that Darina is one of the kindest and gentle souls you will ever meet too. We will never be able to thank you enough


A Parent

Workshops & Courses

At Teen Spirit, we offer a range of workshops and courses tailored for parents and professionals working with neurodivergent teens. Our flexible programs can be adapted to suit your specific needs or the needs of your team.

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