COTHU AUsome Parenting Course – July 2024


COTHÚ provides valuable support for parents seeking a neurodiversity-affirming approach to parenting their Autistic children and teens.

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Course Objectives:

Our COTHU AUsome Parenting Course. Trained with Ausome Training, our licensed COTHU provider offers a unique program focused on nurturing and understanding. Developed and delivered by Autistic trainers, the course blends first-hand experience with a psychotherapeutic perspective, aiming to empower parents and foster growth in both parents and their Autistic children.

Key Features:

First-Hand Experience & Expertise: Designed by Autistic trainers, providing a deep understanding of Autism.

Person-Centered & Humanistic: Emphasising holistic understanding and offering practical tools for parents. 

Practical Tools and Exercises: Equipping parents with tangible resources for supporting their Autistic children.

Opportunities for Growth and Relationship Building: Fostering growth and stronger relationships between parents and their children.

In-Person Delivery: A personalised 5-week course allowing for interactive learning and specific questions.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering various topics related to Autism and parenting.

Live Programme Starting: Wednesday 17/07/24 at 10.30am

Online Programme Starting: Wednesday 17/07/24 at 6.30pm

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