Supporting Neurodiversity at School – Sept 2024 (Virtual )


Comprehensive education for professionals and educators working with neurodivergent adolescents in school settings.

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Supporting Neurodiversity at School Course Objectives:
This one-day workshop aims to provide professionals with practical education on working in supportive capacity with Neurodivergent Adolescents in Primary and Post Primary School settings. Covering a wide range of topics, the course equips learners with skills necessary for effective Neuro-Affirmative supportive intervention. 

Key Features:

Target Audience: Professionals working with neurodivergent adolescents, including Teachers, SNE’s and Guidance Counsellors.

Adaptability for Parents: Can be used to support parental understanding and involvement in the supportive process. 

Expected Learning Outcomes: Awareness of developmental challenges and acquisition of Neuro-affirmative skills to support Neurodivergent Teens in school settings.

Holistic Approach: Covering a range of topics to address the diverse needs of neurodivergent adolescents in school.

Delivery Options: Available both online and face-to-face.

It can also be booked as a tailored to individual services needs workshop.

Places: The places for this workshop are limited to 20 In order to ensure equal chance for contribution from each participant

Date: Online Workshop: Wednesday 25th of September at 3pm

Duration: 4hrs

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